Long Bay Sailing Association maintains an active PHRF* ocean sailing race program. Interested sailors will enjoy around-the-buoy racing at least one Saturday per month, April through October.

As a fun-oriented, casual racing program, all types of sailboats are invited to participate in the PHRF Races. You can expect to see on the starting line performance as well as cruising sailboats, all ranging from 26 - 48 feet. Find your PHRF rating here.

For non-boat owners seeking to participate in racing we offer a Crew Program allowing you to hop aboard one of the sailboats.

Our Starting Line Structure (Something for Everyone)

LBSA understands that sailboat racing is not for everyone. Some are intimidated, as they have never raced, while others have no clue where to begin. Don't worry, our goal is to get you out there sailing, the racing will take care of itself.

As we are a fun-oriented, casual racing program each race will have it's own pre-determined start style (see below for details). For those that are nervous about being so close to other sailboats during a Regular Start, you may choose to wait for a race that offers a Cruise Pursuit (timed start).

Regular Start - Can be a little intimidating as everyone is "jumbled" and moving at the start.
We try to cross the “line” as close to the start time as possible.

Cruise Pursuit - Perfect for new or non-racers.
Fun Race/Cruise combining the club "racers" and the "cruisers".
We use a timed start (vs a normal crowd at the start line), where you are given a pre-set time to be at the start line and all finish about the same time. This fun "race" makes it easy for beginners or those that do not want the challenge of a regular start to still enjoy the day sailing down the coast and around a buoy.

Each boat will have a pre-determined time to start based on how fast they are (using PHRF rating), with a goal of hopefully finishing together, or close anyway. Example - Boat A (the slowest boat) will start the race at 11:00 am. Boat B (the second slowest boat) will start at 11:08 am. Boat C (the fastest boat) will start at 11:12 am. The goal being to cross the finish line with everyone close to each other.

Crew Program

"No one is left at the dock!"

If you have an interest in crewing one of the sailboats on race day we ask that you text Rene at 843-902-9193. Please do this by Tuesday evening the week of the race.


PHRF is a system where different types of boats can race against each other.  PHRF stands for “Performance Handicap Racing Formula.”  Each boat is issued a “rating”.  Then your finish or start time for each race is adjusted according to your rating.

2024 Schedule

Apr 6th: Get together, Officers and Skippers meeting

Apr 18th - 31st: Race/Social - Charleston Race Week

Apr 20th: Race 1 & 2

May 4th: Race 3 & 4

May 18th: Race 5 & 6

June 1st: Sailboat Parade - Cruise pursuit, staggered starts

June 15th- 16th: Race - LBSA Governor's Cup

June 29th: Race 7 & 8

July 6th: Race 9 & 10

July 20th: Race 11 & 12

August 3rd:  Summer break -  Cruising pursuit + Rafting party

August 17th: Summer break -  Cruising pursuit + Rafting party

August 31st: Race 13 & 14

September 14th: Race 15 & 16

September 28th: Race 17 & 18

October 12th: Race 19 & 20

October 26th:  Race 21 & 22


Commodore Jamie Pando

Secretary Renee DeFalco